Fading in texts in 1 text box separatably



I didn’t get replies when posting this in another section, so I suppose what I want to do still is not possible.

I have just started using Prezi Next and have only used Classic briefly before.

So I have a text with say 5 paragraphs. They are all written in one text-box. I want to fade in each paragraph one after the other. So it becomes a “slow reveal”. The thing is the only way to do that seems to be through creating a new text-box, pasting one paragraph in it, and then adjusting the position and size of it in relation to the other 4 text boxes. It’s quite tedious and time consuming and in the end the size of the texts easily differs.

It would seem best if I could just split up a text box in several boxes through a command and then fade each in.

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It would be convenient to split up the box, yes.

At the moment one of the easier ways to achieve that would be copy-pasting the first paragraph 4 more times, then pasting the actual text of the paragraph (that would maintain the size) and animating every paragraph separately.