Failed to load the selected template

Hi every one…i’m new to prezi. when I select a template, I got a message “oops, we can not create prezi” and error code PREZI-CREATIO

N-FAILED. Now what to do ??? Guide plz.

Hello @Waseem_Hassan, could you please send us a screenshot of the issue so we can investigate it?

Thank you sir for your anticipation…please see, I uploaded the screen shot

Hello @Waseem_Hassan, could you please tell us which browser are you using?

Google chrome

Hello @Waseem_Hassan, I investigated your account through Google Chrome and I was able to select a template, please check this video.

Could you please login into your account once again and try it? :slight_smile:

I made my default browser chrome so I thought it is opening in chrome but after watching the video you sent, I checked it. I think it is opening in explorer. problem is still there.

Hello @Waseem_Hassan, could you please tell us if you are connected to a school/work network?

school network

please suggest some solution for me…i’m waiting.

Hello @Waseem_Hassan, please make sure there are no firewall or adblock settings in the computer that could the blocking the presentation. I would also advise you to try to connect to a private network :slight_smile: