Failures in Prezi Viewer for Android 4.0.3 or higher



As described in The PDF images lose the transparent background in PREZI Next Desktop the mobile viewer shows this failure, too.
Moreover, there is an error message if the presentation contains a video. You can scroll through the presentation, the message remains, the video will not play.

Desktop view.

Mobile view.

Prezi Desktop
Prezi Viewer for Android 4.0.3 or higher (, versions 2.1.2-9999 and 2.3.2-10507 (actual)
Sony XPeria L with Android 4.2.2



Prezi Viewer for Android 4.4 or higher (, version 2.8.0-11844
Xiaomi Mi A1, Android 8.0

Video now works, PDF still non-transparent except in preview screen.


@Gerald_Gantschnigg, thank you for the feedback, we will take it to the responsible team.