Faster zoom

Compared to Prezi classic, the zoom feature is painfully slow (estimate three times) if you use the scroll wheel of your mouse – both in the new Prezi next application as well as in the browser (Chrome). I’m a heavy user, using Prezi to built up huge workshop landscapes on a daily basis and the zooming problems are almost a dealbreaker.

We haven’t encountered this issue before - could you please send a link to your presentation so that we can check?

Sure thing…

small hint: it works really badly with classic scoll mouse, works sort of ok with touch mouse (classic works fine) …

Thanks for the link. Please note that the difference can be caused by the fact that Prezi Classic and Prezi Next are two different products built on different technologies. We built Prezi Next on the latest HTML technologies, while Prezi Classic still uses Flash.

The way these platforms use the zooming effect is also different, Prezi Classic’s infinite canvas made more space for zooming while Prezi Next is designed with the idea of deep structuring, please check this article for further details.