Favorite-Objects "blow up" upon insertion

Dear Prezi community,

I’m encountering an annoying problem with the “Favorites” feature:

I often reuse slides (frames) from previous prezis for new ones. To do so I edit the old prezi, select the object (frame, grouped text & images etc.) and add it to my favorites. Then I edit the new prezi in a second browser tab (I’m using Chrome on Win 7 64, by the way.), open the favorites, find my object there and drag it to the canvas. But unfortunately it is not inserted as shown in the thumbnail at the side bar. Instead the components of the object (e.g. the frame itself and its content or groups of content like text or pictures) are shifted far away from each other and often scaled with a different factor (e.g. content huge and frame tiny etc.). In the end I have to “collect” all spread out content, get it to the correct size and put it together again, which a lot of unnecessary work.
The problem is reproducible. It occurs with all of my prezis and with Crome as well as with IE. What seems somewhat random to me is WHAT is shifted and WHERE it is shifted. Sometimes the frame is empty and all the content is moved far away; sometimes part of the content remains within the frame. The direction of the shift is sometimes left, sometimes diagonal, sometimes up…and so on.

I’ve attached a screenshot, which illustrates the issue:

This is e.g. one of the prezis in which the issue occurs: http://prezi.com/6pp2nhcuot-3/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi Vera,

thanks for your reply. I can confirm that (to some extent).
I’ve created 2 new Prezis, “Test 1” and “Test 2”:

Test 1 contains a single frame with two text boxes. When I add the frame to my favorites “as it is” and insert it in Test 2, everything works fine. But if I group the two text boxes and repeat the procedure, the previously described problem occurs (wrong scaling of the boxes).

So, yes, the issue is related to grouping…BUT the cases are obviously not soooo rare. Problems even occur in that simple example.

If you allow me to add a general comment here:
I’ve been using Prezi for quite long…and I love it. Prezi is somewhat limited in its features (compared to e.g. PowerPoint), but in a good way. It helps to focus and prevents effect-overloaded presentations.
Since I’m creating quite complex presentations (e.g. whole 90-minute lectures) with Prezi, I need the features Prezi has to work perfectly. And at this point I have to pass some minor criticism on Prezi. Ever since I’m using it, it is/feels a little bit “buggy”. If you want to go for perfection and are interested in further feedback, I can contribute a few more descriptions of issues, that come up when one is “exhausting” Prezi’s features for complex, professional presentations. These are no major bugs, but little shortcomings that can really disturb the workflow, when one encounters them regularly (e.g. adding grouped content to favorites).
I’d like help making Prezi more perfect…already for my own sake :wink:


This thread was two years ago?? The problem still persists… If favourites is not for clustered content, does it have any real use at all?

It is not as drastic as Robin. His case of elements being scattered all over the canvas is a little more extreme. In my case, every time I insert a favourite in a new Prezi the whole layout of the frame is messed up. It’s nothing like it was when I added it to favourites. Sometimes it blows up, but luckily the elements stay close to the frame.

The real concern is that it has never gone right yet. Reusing frames in new Prezis that is. So, within the same Prezi there is no problem. So, I am guessing that the different themes are incompatible when it comes to favourites or copy-pasting from one Prezi to another.

Kind regards,