File Path for Mac book


I got a new Mac and I am trying to search for my Prezi files on the back up and not able to find them. I used Prezi app and stored them on Local desktop. Where can I find these files ? can someone help me to find the path for the files please


Hello, @Emmanuel_Sandeep. Could you please let us know whether you are referring to Prezi Classic or Prezi Next?


@Lana Its Prezi Classic


As you are using the app on a new machine, could you please try to reinstalling the desktop app, logging out and logging back in? Please note that you need to put your credentials (email and password) again.

If you still cannot see your local presentations after that, could you please send us a screenshot of the following folder in your computer: Users\YOUR_USERNAME\prezi\workspace\uniqueID\prezis? Please note that ‚ÄúuniqueID‚Äč‚ÄĚ is a number (ID) you will see inside the workspace folder.

Also, please note that your question seems to be related to Prezi Classic, our other product. In the future, please post your questions on the Prezi Classic forum where our support staff will be happy to help you.


I need to get the local presentation from the hard disk of my oldd laptop which is right now connected to the new laptop. So I will need to know the path on the old laptop hard disk.

I can send you this path, but this is pertaining to the new laptop which will have local files of the new laptop…how does that help @Lana


Could you please specify the way in which the hard disk of the old laptop is connected to the new laptop? And could you please tell us how you backed up, was it through Time Machine, for example?

Also, if you could send the screenshot of the following folder in your computer Users\YOUR_USERNAME\prezi\workspace\uniqueID\prezis, it would still be very helpful.


I am using the hard disk of the old laptop

I also have the back up on time machine

On my new laptop, I checked for the link, this is what I find after users//yousername…cant find Prezi.

here is the attachment


Please try looking for the folder as it is shown here. I hope it helps!


I am sorry Lana…been travelling…I am still stuck

I am not able to find any Prezi files in the backup when I go to application support folder under library


I see. But were you able to locate the com.prezi.desktop folder as shown in the video?


No Lana

Cannot find that folder at all. I am using Mac book pro 2017 with Sierra on it.

I checked my Time machine backup where my old laptop files are stored. I can got there by date but cannot find the com.prezi.desktop to copy the old files.

However when I right click on Prezi in applications and and select ‚Äėshow package contents‚Äô it opens up contents but there are no files on it


Please note that it is important that you check the right Library. In order to do so, please open Finder, at the menu at the very top, choose Go and then Go to Folder…, after that, please insert /Users/yourusername/Library. As shown below:

Also, please make sure to not confuse the username Library with this Library:

In addition, you can find a guide on how to locate a Library on a Mac here.

In case you still are not able to locate the folder after this, then, I am afraid, it indicates that the backup was not successful.


Wohooooo…you are star Lana…It worked…I got all my files from the back…I copied the entire folder and it all worked…Appreciate you patience and all the help…God Bless


I am very glad to hear you could locate the folder!