File size too big - help!

We have a Prezi file that will no longer open (cursed exclamation mark) and we believe it is because the file size is too large. Can’t access the edit option to resize images or remove the videos to YouTube links to correct the problem.
Can an administrator please help us to access our file, or give advice on how to manage?

Hi Nathaniel,

Whilst I cannot fix this problem for you (I am a community member not Prezi staff) i can save you and them some time:

In order for the Prezi team to take a look at it you will need to post the link to the prezi in question - that will be the first thing that a Company rep will ask you for when they get to this thread!

Exactly, thanks for the advice AJ :slight_smile:
@Nathaniel: please also try upgrading/re-installing the Adobe Flash plugin. This !-message is a generic Flash error. If it still occurs, the Prezi’s URL is needed for the admins to check it out.