Filled circle frames?

Would like to be able to have filled circle frames. And choose colors!


color editing is coming soon…
meanwhile, you can just upload any graphics, and eventually use them as frames. Create a filled circle, save as PDF(or swf), and upload to Prezi.

Than just copy paste, scale, etc, and you have a frame of your own!

Here a CSS solution.…

Some research of Hexadecimal required.

Hexadecimal - Decimal converter:…
Color themes and Inspiration:
RGB Hex Color Chart:…

Here you go:

The shapes can act as frames

This answer was written five years ago. Is there a more recent development in Prezi that makes this easier?  Thanks!

Hi Chris!

From the Frames&Arrows, you can choose “Draw Rectangle Frame” option. 
Here you can find more information about how you can costume the colours:

Hope it helps!
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