Filling in a template programmatically

I’m new to Prezi and I love Prezi video in particular, but one thing really bugs me. It’s a big enough thing to preventing me from going ahead and buying the tool.

I make a lot of small presentations with the same basic design but different text over and over again. Copying and pasting into these isn’t a viable option. I need a way to create a new presentation with the same old format/design but with different text in different places.

So, is there a way for me to create a Prezi via the API, or via a CLI, where I can put different text into the same document without having to do it by hand? I’ve searched the help and forums and can’t see anything obvious…

Hi @Matthew_Bellringer, it’s possible to create several copies of a “master” template/presentation and edit each copy with the needed text. Would this be the solution you are looking for?

Thanks Bart. That’s a really cool feature which I’ll remember for the future, but I’m kind of looking for the opposite I think.

It’s about how I get the text into the presentation. So it would be like a template:



So that I can take data from elsewhere and stick it straight into a template that creates a new prezi with that all filled out.

Hi @Matthew_Bellringer, thanks for the details, this is currently not possible in Prezi.
Hope the workaround can help you though!