Filtering Analytics data

Would it be possible to add a feature that would allow users to filter their links based on the column data? For example, I have 50 links, and want to see which ones have been viewed most recently. Currently, if I understand correctly, the default list is most current links (by shared date) at top, older links at bottom, and I would have to export as CSV to be able to juggle around. It would be really nice to be able to click “Last Opened” right in my browser, and have the order re-arrange to show me the links that had been opened lately, without having to do an export.

I could see wanting to filter by nearly all columns if possible, so “Shared on”, “Last Opened”, “View time”, “Views”, and “Viewers” all being of interest. Similar to how I can filter the Users data here in the Prezi Next Community (Topics, Replies, etc.) Thanks for considering!!

@Plastic_Ingenuity I’ve created a separate feature request out of this idea, thanks for sharing!


6mo later I’m thinking about filtering again; as a side-note in this post: Inactive Link Tracking :wink:

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