Find a presentation


Good morning,

I duplicated a presentation that I have already created in order to have the same template, but to reorganize and change the information. I saved the file constantly in order not to loose any info as it is a very important presentation I have to present in the following days as part of an oral dissertation.
However, I signed out and I signed back and I cannot see the presentation. In fact, if I check the link that should have been the file, a 404 message appears.

Please, could you help me find it? I am very worried because I won’t have enough time to recreate it.

Here is the link that should have been the presentation:

Thank you,

Lost Presentation

Hello, @Maite_RIB. I have checked the presentation in our database and it is one of your deleted presentations. Unfortunately, in this case, we cannot recover it. If only some content was missing, we could have reverted it for you but due to security reasons, as a user confirms a deletion, we are obliged to delete it.


But, the problem is that I did not delate the presentation. I couldn’t have done it, I checked every minute to save it.


Is it possible you have accidentally deleted a wrong presentation? Please know that before a deletion there is a pop-up window that requests a confirmation.


No, I am definitely sure that I didn’t delate the presentation. Something went wrong, because I checked multiple times that the presentation was saved, but then when I came back to edit it, it wasn’t there. It was gone.

The problem is that I have not enough time to recreate it for the dissertation. And that’s what really upsets me.