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Is there a way to get an old Prezi I made in October? I cancelled my account in November and just reopened my account. I get an error when I try to click on my old Prezi link.

Could you send us the link in question please? With a cancelled account you should still be able to view your presentations and use the view links you previously created, so that should not be an issue. Thanks in advance.


Thank you so much for your support! I am the Alaska State Teacher of the Year and now will prepare for National inductions. This Prezi took a lot of time and heart. The link is

I get an error 404 Lost in Space.


Danielle Riha

Is this the only presentation you created back then with your account? I cannot see any presentations currently in this account but there is one presentation that was deleted two days ago. Could you tell me what exactly happened when you logged into your expired account?

I clicked on the link from an email that I sent to someone and my account opened. My friend told me she got that error last week, so I tried it and the error popped up. I tried starting a new one but deleted the new one in hopes of being able to retrieve the old one and not have to spend hours on it again.


I’m very sorry but it seems like you actually deleted the presentation itself and in this case we are unable to restore it. I wish there was a way to access it again but due to legal restrictions we are not capable of reverting deleted presentations.


I did not delete the original Prezi that I created in October/November. From the first time I tried to click the page and got the error. It worked in November, but has not worked since then and was NOT deleted! I am disappointed. The link was - it shows an error - Lost in Space and when I clicked on my presentations it was not there. There was only a way to create a new one or watch a tutorial. I never deleted the original. The only thing I deleted was one that I started to create this month and I deleted it the day I started it - not the old one. If there is ANY way you can help, it would be greatly appreciated! It is for the National Teacher of the Year.



Hello @Danielle_Riha, could you please send us the account where you have originally created the presentation?

my email for the account was

Hello @Danielle_Riha, I confirm the mentioned account was deleted. We are not able to restore deleted accounts or recover the presentations connected to them. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Can my old presentation still be found? It is not showing up in my account.

Hello @Katie_Corban, your current account was recently created so it doesn’t have any presentations under it. Do you have any other account registered in Prezi or a view link for one of your old presentations? or

Hello @Katie_Corban, the account is registered in Prezi and there are some Classic presentations created with it.

Yes that one is from grad school there was one I did after that about marketing in higher ed that i cannot find.

Hello @Katie_Corban, so the presentation you are looking for is not under that account? Do you have any other e-mail that might be registered or a view link for the presentation?

Hope you can help!

I made two presentation which I am not able to find anymore at “Created by me”.
Last time I logged in to my account was around two months ago, but this shouldn’t make a difference.

The links to my presentaions are as following:


I really hope someone can help, as I need to use this shortly!

Best regards

Hello @Kasper_Lindhardt, I’ve looked into this and found that you have two accounts, the presentations you mentioned were created in the one registered with the k** email address. You’ll need to log into this account to be able to access them.

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