Finding all created content elements in a Prezi

I saw the relevant answers to this type of question.
But they do not get to the point. Searching is not an option :wink:

The feature that is needed is the following:
Alternative 1
a) have an shortcut which jumps through all elements in order
b) independent of the zoom level
c) and zooms accordingly.
Alternative 2
a) on command on the wheely for example show a list of all objects created
b) on click on a list item zoom to the selected element

Hope this made clear what is needed?
Is this something Prezi is planning to implement.
If not it should be put on the list !!! - IMHO

Regards, A.Wicher

Thanks for the great idea, I will relay it internally.

see also… and…

Same is true for the path feature.
A list of all elements on the path where it is possible to drag and drop to change order.
and a second list with all elements which are not yet put on the path.

THAT would be a really great help :slight_smile:

Hi Katrin,
Is there any news on this question.
While trying to work with Prezi-Desktop this is really missing!
Now knowing in a bigger Prezi what is all in is BAD.
Not having the ability to navigate a path with such a support is REALLY BAD.

Without this feature i wont use Prezi as the effort and time lost with searching is to big.
With this feature i would really consider going for the pro version.


Is there any news on implementation of this feature for all elements and all path-edits…?

Hi A.W.

Prezi has a policy of not talking about our development schedule, so even I knew, I couldn’t tell you. I’m sorry. I will convert this topic into an idea so it gains more awareness. The more popular and sophisticated the discussion here becomes, the better the chances for it to be considered by the people in charge of the dev process. I know it’s is not really what you want to, but it’s all I can say at this point.

see below…

Two things I personally do to circumvent the problem at least a bit:

  • keep a clear structure from the start, so you always know where which info is on the canvas
  • use the content.xml in the .pez file (can be unpacked with to quickly check if certain text is still in there, after I made a lot of changes.

other relevant topics:…

Is there any news ?
I really like the product. However it is not easy to work with it as it is.
If you do more its really annoying in the end.

I could write up a little spec on what is needed to make it really usefull:
for me the following elements are missing:
a) a list of all elements
b) a list of all elements on a path in order of the path
c) a list of all elements not on the path
d) the option to drag and drop from c) to b)
e) …

i could go on … but i am not sure if this is welcome.

but if those things which are not that hard to build would come true - i would go for Prezi and buy the Desktop-license for offline editing…:slight_smile:

Cheers - Alex

Suggestions are always welcome, esp. well-thought of ones like yours :slight_smile: I will relay this to our design team.

ok can you send me an email-address where i can send the spec of the features needed to?
I would make a mockup so that it becomes totally clear:)

Please use mine: firstname dot lastname at prezi dot com
But why not post it all here, so other users can discuss and comment?

because i wanted to work with screenshots - and need to attach a file with the content :slight_smile:
I will put it on my server and put a link in here; if nothing else works.

GetSat has an the ‘Add image’ function above the reply button :wink:

So needed. Otherwise I have to create a paper or screenshot system to keep track of where all elements are. Part of the pleasure in Prezi is zooming in and out and all about. Can’t do that if I don’t know where I put everything. Thanks.

I totally agree with this thread. I’m really enjoying the movement and creativity that this tool can bring. The problem I’m experiencing is similar to when I clean up my desk… when I file things away too neatly, I have trouble finding them later on!

Hi Katrin,
I wanted to take time to work on the ideas i sketched up.
But my offline version is not working any more.
Is it possible to get again offline access to the prezi so that i could work on the spec?
I would give the ideas for free :wink: - if i get access to the offline version for free …
Thoughts? -Alex

Thank you for your continued feedback. We are daily checking this thread and others for feedback.


Yeah I have just lost some images I happily and creatively hid away inside an ? but now they could be anywhere. So anything other than search around for the rest of my life would be really appreciated. Otherwise very much like all the changes I have seen recently.