Firewall-related issues and how to resolve them

Hi @Karis_Nevermann, please note that you should also whitelist these domains on your firewall, not just on your Ad Blocker.

What is the exact issue that you are facing with Prezi?

Hello. I hope you are well. I write to you because I currently updated version of prezi present and it tells me that I have no conxión, and I am connected to the internet, as it could solve the problem

Hi @Oandis_Sosa_Sanchez, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Could you please check the answers above?

Hi Vanda,

I’m using Prezi Next (free) and cannot access templates when I click on “New Presentation.” When I click on this button from the main page, it directs me to the template categories, but all I see is “No results for this color selection” when I click on every category - even though I’ve selected no color filter. I’ve tried refreshing the page, but after several minutes, nothing changes on the page (no templates appear). So, I’ve updated JavaScript and cookies to allow the websites listed above, but the templates still do not appear. Then, I tried
deleting Google Chrome and reinstalling the application. After completing all of these steps, the problem persists. Am I missing something? What else should I do to access the templates?

Thank you in advance.


@John_Bevans could you perhaps send us a screenshot or even better, a screencast of this issue happening?

Hi Vanda, I’ll make a short video to capture the issue happening. I’ll add
some pictures too if needed.


Hi Vanda,

I took a few screenshots of the issues I’ve been having step-by-step. I’ve
tried changing the Cookies and JavaScript for Chrome settings, but I’m not
quite sure if it worked, or if I entered it exactly. Maybe a step-by-step
guide would be helpful on how to do this? When I access Prezi Next and
home, I am able to load the templates without a problem (using Mac OS High
Sierra). However, it only becomes an issue when I use my desktop (using
Windows 10) at my school. Any suggestions on how to resolve this issue will
be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time.



Thanks for the details, @John_Bevans, if you are experiencing this issue from a protected network, you may need to ask the responsible IT person to make these adjustments for you. This is common if you are trying to access from an educational institution or a company network.

Hi Vanda, I spoke to our IT person, but he couldn’t resolve the issue. What
are the typical steps one should follow to fix an issue like this?


Please make sure that JavaScript and cookies are allowed (white-listed) for

each for both http and https, in your browser and any firewall software, browser privacy add-on, etc. that you may be running on your computer.

You can find a step-by-step guide on this topic on the support forum of Google Chrome.

Also, if there’s an adblocker running in your browser, could you please try if disabling the adblocker fixes the issue?