Firewall-related issues and how to resolve them

Dear Bart,

I am working with an Windows PC (Windows 10, all updates installed). It is within the university’s network (LAN) - I have been using this configuration for many years now with prezi (starting with prezi classic) without problems. It seems that somethin happend in May.

Ulrich Schmitzer

Hello @Ulrich_Schmitzer, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

It might be possible that something changed on the University’s network so I would suggest you contact the IT department with the guidelines described above.

The strange thing is that today I could synchronize about 20 or 30 presentations - the most recent ones - in the app (and could open them) the others not - that makes it plausible that it has nothing to do with the university’s firewall setting (and opening the prezis in the browser also works, also the app within the university network from my laptop via WiFI) - any suggestions are most welcome

Hello @Ulrich_Schmitzer, could you please let me know the title of a few presentations that are not syncing?

Dear Bart,

I will be in office again on Monday, I will check it out then


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