Flip animation

Pan and zoom is great but I really miss a FLIP-feature which would increase the flexibility of Prezi-animations very much. This way it would be easy to build simple animations like flipping pages of a book and so on. This feature would create contents that have to be mirrored in correspondance to the flip-direction but that could be implemented automaticly based on the orientation of a placed frame while in show mode only.

Hi Andreas Kemerle, this is not possible from within Prezi at the moment - however it can be done using flash techniques - see here http://community.prezi.com/prezi/topi…

hope this helps



Dear John,
I am sorry but your suggested solution doesn’t look appropriate to what I had in mind. I know that flip is not available right now BUT you could consider to implement it in future Prezi versions.

Since pan and zoom is part of Prezis nature, I would speak about rotate and flip.
Rotation is alreay implemented and works like a charm but flip is something I could imagine as an additional feature that could increase the complexity of possible path-animations with ease.

Please check the image:


Flip works horizontally and vertically depending on the position of the next frame in the path and should either be restricted to alined frames only.

top/center/bottom for horizontal aligned frames
left/middle/right for vertically aligned frames

To open it for unaligned frames would end up in unnatural looking flips that could distract the audience.

    As flip is recommened to be restricted to frames (grouped objects) it would be easy to indicate flipped frames in PATH-MODE by simply mirroring it depending on the relative position to the previous frame in the path. In Show-Mode contents stay readable and or rotated.

    Click and drag is already used to define new frames so to select between ROTATE and FLIP I could imagine to use “hover” or single click to activate the selection.

I have additional ideas about the tween/animation between the frames too :wink:


Hi Andreas, yes this is a good idea and I did understand what you wanted but as you have mentioned it is not available in Prezi as yet - also as a company policy we do not give away any of the new features available in forthcoming releases so maybe things will change in the near future. I can and will put your suggestion on the user request list which we have and share it with the team - if enough users request this feature our developers will hopefully be able to bring in it sooner - thanks, its a good idea.




I really miss the flip in Prezi: both horizontal and vertical. I think it would be a GREAT improvement!

Add another vote for a “Flip” tool, it would be a nice addition to Prezi.