Floating License model for Business teams

I’d love to have this passed along to the appropriate decision-makers:

Would Prezi ever consider offering a “floating” license? This is where the user:account ratio is not 1:1. If you need a business-model example (I have a good one but didn’t want to bore the group), or other information to explain in-depth, let me know! Thanks!!

@Plastic_Ingenuity sure, we’d be interested what you have in mind!

It’s something we’ve been using for Engineering software & I could definitely see it being possible for Prezi as well, depending on how you feel about it… A quick, somewhat simplified example:

We have 12 full-time day-shift Engineers = need to be in software all day/every day
And 15 full-time day-shift Shop workers = need to be in software sometimes
And 5 full-time day-shift Other roles = need to be in software sometimes
Plus 10 part-time/night-shift Engineering/Other = need to be in software sometimes

So to cover all of the above, here’s how they’re licensed for the software in question:
-12 full-time day-shift Engineers = 15 dedicated licensed “seats” 1:1 ratio
-30 (everyone else) = utilize & share 15 floating licensed seats 2:1 ratio

The 12 dedicated seats don’t move and when the Engineer is out, it sits unused at their desk, but that’s nothing new… What’s “new” or interesting to me is the other group of 15 floating seats. These exist in more of a cloud-based scenario. Everyone is allowed to install the software, but the system locks you out once the maximum of 15 users has been reached. Meaning if you’re person #16, you’re out of luck, or you have to ask someone else to log out before you can log in to use. As you can see, this typically works out well since some of the sharing is due to day/night shifts and the overlap is rare. Each seat is the same $$ but money is saved when you can see we’re only purchasing 15 seats for 30 potential users in this simplified example. And it allows for more team flexibility so that a larger group of users can be exposed to the software, but it isn’t locked into one spot and it doesn’t sit unused if you don’t require it for long periods of time.

The Prezi tie-in possibility is (in my opinion) where you have teams of both Creatives & Presenters, but one role drastically outnumbers the other (I would venture to say more Presenters)… To have an entire license dedicated to one Sales person who only makes 2 presentations a year seems quite steep (and this scenario also assumes the most premium Prezi team license option). BUT if you allowed for the floating model, you could still allow companies to purchase multiple seats and have the Sales team share a few licenses among themselves. And then this would also work in other departments such as Accounting, HR, etc.

OR the other cost-savings model I was going to ask about would be the potential to split the license into a “FULL” seat (both create/present) or a “VIEW ONLY” seat (present only) but still keep all the collaborative ties between team members. And the view-only would come at a discounted rate, of course…

This struck me as something to pitch when I was trying to brainstorm about how to keep my team involved, and how to encourage using our licenses to their full potential, and then even further expansion beyond that. (We just renewed for another year!) But I’m finding there are some financial stumbling blocks to consider if we’re not really using everything every day, if that makes sense. And I could see internal growth being made easier when some other options are taken into consideration.

Hope Prezi finds this at least interesting, even if it’s not something they would consider! Thanks, K

Thanks a lot for sharing these details, I absolutely see why this setting would work better for business teams. I’ll make sure the responsible team gets this feedback!

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