FLV video will not up load - error - too big!

I cannot upload FLV video.
Not from Prezi web.
Not from Prezi desktop.
No firewall - I’m at home.
Video is 600 mb.


I see - so for video intensive prezi’s, is it best present from the desktop app, or export from desktop to flash?


So in your publicity which states that this software can show ‘up to HD flv’ what exactly does that mean???
Where on the site - BEFORE I paid for this tool is this information stated???

It either IS a presentation tool or not. If the only way to add a pdf to a prezi is online, what if AFTER carefully creating my file, with a large flv video attached I need to quickly add a pdf. It won’t do it??? Are you serious?? If I pay adn have 2GB of storage, do you not think it is up to me if my single prezi contains one single flv of 1.8Gb rather than you???

MAYBE this should say - Prezie is an interesting piece of very limited presentation software, that shows that new ways of working, but in reality you will not be able to do anything remotely serious on it, given that part of it do not work on the desktop, the very simple tasks that you would expect like control over fonts, colours, presentation speed have not been coded, and if you ask you will either be told the things that you want(expect) are not in the business model, or that they may or may not appear at some indeterminate point in the future


do you have pro account? you can insert your video from prezidesktop

if you want to insert it into an online prezi, I can help you.


It is not that I WANT to do it but that I MIGHT, and right now the only way that the limitations of the software seem to be found are when people do things, it doesnt work, they come here, ask a question, someone from the team says ‘Oh you cant do that’ and then we, the users, express frustration and annoyance, that had the facts been known UP FRONT then we would never have attempted to use the software for anything that was remotely hard. Listen very carefully to the users lest you become the first to market with an innovation that someone else will make work for proper, serious business level presentations. All the discussions about fonts, backgrounds, align, hosting from the last week all fit into this box. It’s like you want us to only do what YOU want us to do with this tool, when we can see the benefits FAR beyond that, but only if it becomes industrial strength pretty fast.

A bit like the reuqest to take a MinCooper upa mountain to photograph it. Possible, but much better to start with a Land Rover.

BTW my ‘first’ HD flv from a test project for a client is 273MB, so I already have a problem…