Focusrite Scarlett Audio Interface - One channel audio

I am using external Microphone connected via Focusrite Scarlett audio interface (USB) while recording my videos.
The audio is only recorded to the left channel as I cannot hear any audio on the rigth channel during playback.

Hi @Onur_Dursun, this audio interface is not officially supported by Prezi, but we can check some things to solve this issue.

Are you using Windows or a Mac system?
Could you also tell me if you are recording using the browser version or the desktop application?

Is there an option to turn your sound input mono instead of stereo and see if you have both of the channels that way?

Hello - I’ve been having the same problem. I’ve just got an external mic plugged in to a Mac and selected as the source. I’m using the browser version of Prezi Video. Thanks.

Hi @Catriona_Miller, could you please let me know your exact setup regarding the audio?
What happens if you try to input your audio in Mono?

Hi Bart - I’m using a Samson Q1U microphone, which plugs into my computer with a USB. I have a 2018 iMac. I haven’t changed any of the settings in the Audio MIDI set up. But perhaps I need to change it to one channel instead of two. It doesn’t say ‘mono’ in the settings, but I’m guessing that’s what this will do? Any advice? Many thanks, Catriona

Hi @Catriona_Miller, yes, that is what we should test first.
Do you have an example video where you only have one audio channel? Can you send me a link to that video so our developers can check on it?

Hi @Catriona_Miller, @Onur_Dursun,
Could you please check with any other online audio recording service if the same issue is there as well?

Apologies in my late reply.
I was able to solve the issue by changing the audio settings in the operating system. I am using Win 10 therefore cannot offer a solution for Mac. Yet, I just assume that it should be quite similar.
Simply I go to my settings ---- system ---- sound. Under input devices — Device properties — additional device properties. Clicking on will prompt a new old fashioned ugly windows screen where you will see 4 tabs. Click on the ‘advanced’ ---- in default format choose ‘2 channel’.
this worked for me and currently I can record L+R channels.