Folders for Offline Prezis

It is possible to organize the Perzis in the Prezi Cloud into folders, this is not possible für offline Prezis. I have about 100 offline Prezis and I really need Folders to organize them.

Yours Christian

Helo Christian,
I think you need “PRO” License.

If you have “Prezi Desktop” you have spot for your offline prezi - “Only on m computer” folder.  

You can store your presentation as “.PEZ” files, but without “PRO” you cannot import them online. 
It’s the only reason for me to buy PRO :slight_smile:

I hope this will help.



I already have the PRO License. I meant for my offline Prezis I have only the “Only on My Computer” Folder. But I wish to have Subfolders to put my Prezis in.

Hello Christian,
there should be such folders in Local Prezis, but I do not know if it will be in new Prezi Desktop version.  It can be a problem if you to have more then 100 :slight_smile: . In “Only on My computer” I keep only few presentation.  

So far, I keep my all prezis in Project folders as “.PEZ” files on my PC/Windows. This is the way to keep it simple and transparent. It’s a good way to have a backup of your presentations as well.



I also need the ability to either sort my prezi’s by name or create folders for my local prezi’s. I cannot store my prezi’s to the cloud due to corporate policy and I need to be able to better organize my presentations. Has there been any progress with this issue in the last year? If there are folders for the cloud section, why not for the local section? And yes, I have the pro version.