Folders, subfolders, and better organizational control

Four years on from Prezi’s dreadful idea to remove users’ ability to control and organize individual prezi files in whatever way they need, and no relief in sight.

WHERE is the ability to create multiple folders in one shot? You know, like any modern operating system of the past 30 years, where is the ability to copy a folder and paste it multiple times?

WHY can’t we organize our prezis in any meaningful way? There is this cool new idea that came out in 1984 on a fancy new computer called a “Macintosh”. It has this very high tech feature called “drag and drop” that allows a user to click a file or MANY files, draaaag them over to a folder, then drop them into the folder. 

WHERE is the ability to create subfolders in main folders? I have hundreds of Prezis, and users have shared another hundred of their Prezis with me. All 270 of those Prezis sit in one massive folder, and good luck finding anything there. Another revolutionary idea from three decades ago, was the ability to create folders inside of folders inside of folders. It’s such a clever way to place Prezis from 2012 in a different folder than the ones from 2015. Then inside of the 2016 folder, really fancy computers let you create—wait for it—ANOTHER folder with a different name. It’s so modern and forward thinking!

So my final question to you Prezi, from a 6-year Prezi user (which says more about how much I hate PowerPoint that I continue to put up with the baffling lack of basic functions from you folks) is…
Does Prezi plan to progress out of the 80s anytime soon?

Just paid for a professional account and CANNOT BELIEVE that I am unable to simply rearrange Prezis in a created folder. Really? Add my name to the “let’s get this done” list. Help us INTJs to feel the karma of organization, k?