folders to sort prezi's

would be nice to folders which can help sort prezi’s to make for easier organizing


good idea! do you have any specific idea about how to solve this? like in gdocs? or tagging?


tagging/labels like gmail would work as would a folder style system like windows/hotmail. just some way to organize the clutter since everything seems to go in the “root drive” right now. i’m hoping to use prezi instead of powerpoint for my lesson plans as a teacher. i’m just worried about organizing dozens/hundreds of prezi’s between the different classes will be a nightmare, espescially if i forget the name of one.

i’m using prezi since almost a year now and as you can imagine i created a lot of presentations. some are permanent, others are just drafts for later use, others are specific for one client and so on. it would really be helpful to be able to sort these presentations in a folder structure!

and - very important - not just online but especially in the desktop version. i would very much appreciate a solution for this!

thank you

This is something I was just going to ask for! I, too am a teacher and am starting to collect, generate and try lots of new Prezis. If there was a folder system like in Google Docs where presentations can be filed, hidden, etc. that would be really helpful.
Thanks for the great post and the consideration from the team!
Alex B.

Yes please, me too! Some way of grouping my now hundreds of Prezis so that I can easily find them. You can do it Prezi coding geniuses!

Tagging would be an ideal solution!

How about allowing a user to make folders in the “Your Prezis” section?

Peter, Can we expect some progress in this field?

Good idea. “The company has this under consideration”.
When will this be available to organize all my presentations.

This would be a great addition!

Would love to see this option happen.

I need to sort my staff presentations from my student presentations. Please roll this feature out!

How is this one coming?

I would like this too.

Another week - no update

Dear Prezi Team,

Can we get some feedback??? Over a year has passed…

I still desperately need this function (either the user folder or the tagging).


Agree, where is the love??? Prezi people, give us an indication of whether you’re working on this please.

I agree. As an educator this is a great tool to get kids to pay attention in class, but it is currently unwieldy to browse through 20+ prezis

It makes me a little sad that there hasn’t even been a comment by the Prezi team about this… there are a lot of people who love to use this program and I worry that some competitor will show up soon with better features (looking at you, Google!)