Font Color Issues in Prezi Infographics

I am trying to create a simple graph in my Prezi infographic (doughnut chart) and am trying to change the color of the font in the values to be white in order to contrast against the dark background of the infographic. Each slice of the doughnut has its own color, but I want all of the text to be white.

I followed the instructions on the Prezi support page to use the “Change Font Color” under the Fonts menu, but no matter what color I click in this menu, all of the fonts stay the same color as their slice of the pie. So, if one section of the pie is dark blue, that font is also dark blue, and subsequent fonts stay the same color as their own sections. This makes it extremely difficult for the reader to read what the font says. I also tried changing the font color in “Advanced Settings”, but again, nothing happens no matter what color I select in this menu. All the font colors stay the same.

It appears that this feature is not functioning as designed, so any assistance you could provide would be helpful! I tried refreshing the page and deleting and re-adding the chart, but neither worked.

Screenshot 2020-10-23 083148


Thanks for your message! That is true - in a pie/doughnut chart, the color of the callouts is tied to the color of each respective pie slice, and this cannot be changed currently. I can only recommend you to adjust the color/transparency of the background image or choosing lighter chart colors.