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It is very sad to see the inadequate response from tech support and inflexibility to improve, based on customer suggestions (troubles). Synching text font size is just one issue of many. And for someone, not being from the US (not making his money in US$) it is, quite honestly, a rather expensive app for what it does. Nevertheless, I would like to offer a work-around the uniform text editing problem, in case you use several text boxes, which is very common! ctrl+c is certainly a possibility, but cumbersome for existing adjustments. I dragged the to-be-adjusted text box next to my reference text box (the font size I like to have) lining-up the yellow guide-lines until centered, grab the corner square and adjust until the yellow guide-lines hit the upper text box of your referece text. Than drag the fixed font text box to its final position, and repeat that for all boxes that need adjustments. For me a rather quick and flexible method. Don’t know why the tech-support specialists never suggested this possibility. Hope it was helpful!


So im just here and same as others I am missing this essential feature. I dont understand how this product can still be existing amongst other tools without few core features that every text editting / presenting tool MUST have. I paid for the software, but I now consider it a mistake and I can guarantee I wont be prolonging if this feature wont be present.
(do you guys really suggested this workaround? wow, that is so sad…)

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you can now resize font to exactly what is on the screen- just add text and scale up or down and when it hits the right size, the selected text box AND the target text box will both be highlighted with a blue box indicating they are the same size. this mimics what I’m used to from Classic in the past. very pleased with it (since you can’t choose size out of the gate).

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How can I resize all the text boxes on the canvas at once? Thank you!

Hi @Cantaloop, you can highlight each text box by holding down the shift key and clicking on them one-by-one.

Once you have selected all of them you will be able to proportionally change the size of them.
Hope this helps!

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Thank you @Bart! And what if each text box is inside another object like a shape? My problem is that I have lots of cercles on my cover with text on them and want to resize them all at once.

Hi @Cantaloop, if these text boxes are inside topic covers, then it is a bit harder to resize them all at once as they become available when you right click on them and select advanced topic editing.
In this case I would advise you to get those text boxes and copy paste them outside of the topic cover.
Can you send me the link of the presentation? You can send it in a private message as well. :slight_smile:

It is very difficult to express how depressing it is to move from classic to next. The ONLY reason I have switched is to use prezi video. The font issue is my biggest disappointment. How, how, how, is there no way to standardize font size from one slide to the next. That is crazy!

Hi @David_Mochel, thanks for your feedback, I will forward it to our product team.

A workaround to have the same font sizes in every slide or frame would be to copy-paste the same textbox so it would keep the same size for the text.

Hope this helps!

I came to this page hoping to find a solution to no text sizing option being available and just want to express my shock, frustration, and disappointment that Prezi has not dealt with this issue in the three years since this thread began. This is a very basic feature and I don’t understand how it was omitted in the first place and how there has been no fix for it since. The highlighting work around is OK, but it would really be more convenient to just see the font size. Plus, the highlighting feature doesn’t help me when I have text on other pages that I want to be the same size. It does not look professional to have these inconsistent font sizes. How was this feature forgotten and how has it not been resolved? Especially after three years of users expressing frustration and complaints? I don’t feel that a workaround is an acceptable solution for the omission of such a basic and important feature.

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@Annie_Hochheiser Have you tried the resize feature? It doesn’t solve the issue but it does make it much easier than some earlier Prezi “tricks” in previous versions. You can add any text at any size and then by dragging the corner to size up or down, it will auto-highlight the text box and “snap” to the appropriate size when you reach something that’s already on the page. Hopefully that makes sense? Again, not necessarily the solution requested BUT still something that helps the workflow (in my opinion). Font size selection would still be an amazing and much appreciated upgrade, but I felt I should mention this in case you were unaware. Best of luck!!

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2021, and this is still an issue. One would think it is not so difficult to actually write the size of the font, but you seem to be unable to fix it for 4 years.

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Hi @Daria_N, Thanks for your feedback and the feature request.

Unfortunately, we will not be building this feature in the near future. We wish we could do it all but since 2020 and the COVID pandemic we are fully focused on making the Prezi Video experience as good as possible and have to prioritise feature development and product improvements accordingly.
We’re happy to revisit this request with you after our resources have become available again and I’ve made sure that your feedback has been recorded and passed onto the team that works on feature prioritisation.

Hello! It is mid 2022 and I think this feature is desperately needed. I wrote up a draft of the text I wanted in the Prezi. I copy-pasted my text boxes, then deleted the text from within to paste in the text from my document, and the font size changes. I want to just highlight all text boxes and set a number. Please.

Hello @Jess_Caz, thanks for the feedback, I’ll make sure it reaches our product team.