Font Uppercase

Hello Everybody,

ist there a possibility to set glyphs uppercase in PREZI Next? For example the registered sign?
I hope somebody knows a solution.

Thank You very much in advance!

I’ve just typed it up separately, and scaled it down, and moved it into the appropriate location at the end of my larger text… if that makes sense.

Thank You very much for this solution, it is also my “workaround” until now.
The biggest problem is to edit separately pasted characters inside of extensive sentences. As soon as the text gets corrected - i have to drag a lot of registered signs on the slide.

An simple function like inside of an WYSOWYG-editor would be really nice…

Hello @Langenstein_Communic, to insert glyphs in Prezi Next you should click on the ALT key + the letter of the corresponding glyph. You can check this example on how to insert the registered trademark symbol:


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I would like to know how to add mathematical operators like 2/5… how we can write the numbers in fractions.

Hey @GEETA_MENON I’ve merged your request to the relevant thread, can you check the replies above? :slight_smile: