Force Full Screen in a link

Is there a way to force a Prezi Next to go full screen in a link? I am not happy with the Prezi Header bar that comes up with the regular link.

I don´t know if it possible to force a Prezi to play fullscreen in a link, but you can easily remove the white header bar by adding /embed at the end of your Prezi URL.

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Thank you!! That worked.


I have a question as follows:

When customers click on the Prezi link provided to them, there is a seemingly advertised column at the top. It says that some options in the Prezi business and the upper right corner contain a request button. Customers see this too. The column will disappear when you click the full screen option arrow on the lower right.

My question:

Can Prezi links be sent so that they will not appear on the Prezi bar at the top? One option may not send advertisements to them at the top.

So far, the only option is for each client to click on the link and then manually complete the screen at their / our end, which is an embarrassing introduction to the software and our presentation.

Thank you very much for anyone who can understand this function / problem.

@d9651f50aaf8fc11b5ec I’ve merged your question to a thread with a possible workaround, please see the replies above.