Formatting Style when Copying from one Prezi to another

Let’s say I have Topic 1 in Prezi A & I want to copy into Prezi B. Is there a way (or can there be a way created) to keep the original Prezi A format/style, even if Prezi B is set up differently? Meaning colors, fonts, etc. are not changed. It would be great to have that option so that I don’t have to go back and adjust everything after pasting in. And noted this might make Topic 1 look very different than Topic 2, but there are times where that might be OK if not even preferred. Let me know or please consider.


Hi there,

This is an issue we have discussed a lot. Although I understand you would like to have this in certain cases, we still believe most users in most cases would like to keep a consistent look inside their prezis, and they mainly copy content.
What do you think about this?

Having the consistent look might work in most cases, I won’t disagree, except there are definitely instances where I’d prefer not. Two examples:

  1. I have already spent hours preparing two separate prezis. They are visually different & I am happy with both. But, for whatever reason, I need to combine them in a pinch and have zero time to re-format. Rather than have to be forced to “ruin” one or the other in haste (because a lot of time was spent on original looks; colors, font choice) it would be really great to have an option to cut+paste content plus format to save time. I’d be able to re-format later if desired & when time allowed.

  2. I’m pulling something from one prezi to another and would like the format to remain unchanged due to wanting an intentional difference. Maybe the topic in question is very different from the others & a style “highlight” isn’t a bad choice. In my world, that might mean a main presentation about plastic, but I’m pulling a sustainability/green topic over, and would prefer the contrast between the two… (Granted, if I had created everything all within one presentation to start, I could make sure the contrast was there during the creation, but when piecing together it’s a different story.)

I think bottom line, I would love the option to exist, and I don’t think(?) I’m alone. It might only get used sometimes, it’s true. So yeah, backtracking to your discussions- obviously it has been thought about as you say, and I think you’re correct in your belief, but I also think there’s an opportunity for the choice to exist.

Maybe it’s a different paste process, or toggle, or pop-up, not sure… but since it’s being thought about, I guess I just wanted the group to know the use case exists. Maybe it can be considered for a future update if enough interest is there?


In times of Prezi (not Prezi Next) there is a function called “favourites”. You select anything you want, like a composition of one or more slides or some combination of forms and symbols and you define it as a favorite
Then when you are free to paste that favorite content within the same presentation or in another one.
Don’t know if Prezi Next support that function now (?)

@Daniel_Martins yes, favorites are now saved in the My Library space :heart: However, a “favorited” Topic/Subtopic will still re-format when pasted into a different prezi (which can be both good and bad). It’s more about appearance of content and not the content itself (for me), if that makes sense.

Text is the biggest issue imo- I’m either forced to re-size/rearrange after the paste due to a different font default, or I can regain the previous formatting by choosing the previous font choice in the drop down. Either way, it’s extra steps, and amt of time taken depends on how much text I have to revise.

That’s a really good idea/direction though- thinking about My Library… I’m glad you bring it up. Maybe there could be a way to save something there and the formatting could be somehow linked to that (so the option I’m hoping for might be during the saving/copying phase instead of the pasting). Maybe just maybe.

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Hi Plastic_Ingenuity,

Thank you so much for this detailed explanation! I appreciate it so much how much time you spend to explain these problems, and still stay practical and constructive. So grateful! :pray:
We actually discussed a ‘paste with style’ option, and you also came to the same solution which is reassuring. I definitely put it to our list, and see how much effort this would be.
As usual, can’t promise anything, but if it’s not a big thing, hopefully we can solve this soon.



very informative.

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