Frame colour isn ́t correct


I gave the rectangular frame and title the RGB numbers 200/0/0
My title is correct but the frame is brighter than the text. What ́s wrong?
Thank you for answering!

Hi Suse,

the reason your frame has a slightly different color is that it has it’s transparency set to a value lower than 1. You can change this by going into the CSS Editor - here’s an article that tells you where to find and how to use it .
Once you have the CCS Editor window open, scroll down until you find the Rectangle Frame, and there change the following values to match what I write here (if they are not on the list under Rectangle Frame, insert them there)
gradStartAlpha: 1;
gradEndAlpha: 1;

This should fix your frame color!

Hope I helped,

I am having the same issue. This suggestion does not work.

I am having the same issue, and this did not work.

Did you ever find a fix? None of these solutions work.


For whatever reason, I tried using the above, but am unable to match the background colour of the logos, especially the Langara College’s background orange colour. I need to know if this is possible to change. I tried through the CSS editor, but it didn’t work, so I tried using  Google Chrome’s eye dropper, and well, that didn’t work as well.

I do need to know if this is possible, and if not, then I may need to switch to PowerPoint as I have a presentation in two days.

This is my link if it helps?


Hi Vera,

Yes, I did enter the web colours as well the RGB colours too. I didn’t work as well. So instead,  will save a transparency PNG as I had done for the smaller logo, which is so-so, but not as sharp as a vector logo.


This doesn’t work.  I’m having the same issues.