frames freeze

Frames and pictures are freezing, and i can’t do nothing!!??? 
Well i’m working on a presentation on Prezi classic with my friend. Since few days, some of ours frames or pictures doesn’t answer to order. We select them but nothing is happening…

Pictures are immobilized. The blue frame does not even appear…
We have to cut and paste, or delete and start all over again. It’s frustating and especially a huge waste of time!!! 

Someone could help us please? have you already have the same problem? 

Hi Lana,  I am an educator experiencing a similar problem.  When I try to edit my prezi classic, it says flash plugin not working and then the link to your Prezi website goes bad.  Presentation is ok, but editing is impossible.  I can’t even copy and paste into Prezi Next.  I have reinstalled Flash, and tried on multiple computers, some with old operating systems that don’t have software updated. This leads me to believe the change is at your end, Prezi.  Here is a link to my presentation.

If you are not able to see the editable version, then give me a place to seen that link in private.


Yes Paul, I duplicated the Prez and had the same problem.  When I say copy, I mean Control C and Control V.  The frame freezes when I do that and then says I have lost contact with the Prezi website.  Since it is a very large Prezi, I suspect that I have exceeded a content limitation either on the Prezi end or with Flash.  Any thoughts?

Thanks Lana.  Yes, please revert it.  At some point, I want to Control C/Control V the content into a Presi Next, but it freezes when I try that now.

Thanks.  The problem appears to be solved.  I will not add any additional content.  If I recreate this in Prezi Next, will it lock up with too much content, or can I continue to expand the presentation?