Free EDU licenses

Do you provide free license for university students. if you provide please let me how can i get it.

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Hello @subhash_chamara, we do not offer free EDU licenses currently, however our EDU Plus plans are discounted (84 USD/year instead of 228 USD). Also in case you’d like to use Prezi for free, you can create a free Prezi Next Basic account on this page.

Hi Sara,

Can my students create a “free” Prezi account but also use the collaborate feature? I have them form teams of 4-5 and each week someone new has to create a new Prezi and present it to the class.

Hello @Christopher_Leo, yes, collaborators need to have a Prezi account but they do not need a paid license, they can also use Prezi Basic.

Thanks Sara!

So do collaborators who have the basic account have the ability to “edit” their team presentation and if so, how do they do it?

Hello @Christopher_Leo, once a person is added as a collaborator to a presentation, the presentation will automatically appear in their dashboard and they will be able to edit it. Please consult this tutorial to learn how you can add collaborators.

Okay - but this works between two users that have the free/basic Prezi?

@Christopher_Leo, yes, this feature can be used with all license types, including the free Basic license.

I do not know any other way of getting administrators of to recognize this without paying for an account so I am voicing this here. For the past several years I have enjoyed introducing and teaching my students how to use Prezi using your free student accounts. However, I have noticed that now when students sign up they must pay a monthly subscription to keep their Prezi’s private. This is so unacceptable that I have elected to stop teaching my students anything about this platform until the day you bring back the right to keep students work private without a subscription payment. I have no doubt there are many other teachers who are electing to do the same thing. Teachers are charged with the task of protecting their students privacy and we cannot afford to pay such a high fee to do so. It is far easier to just use a different platform instead.


Hello @David_Bone, I apologize for the inconvenience and will forward your feedback to our product team. I would recommend using the EDU Plus plan which is still discounted (84 USD/year instead of 228 USD).

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is ist possible to upgrade from a basic EDU standard account? Unfortunately I don‘t have any school‘s mail adress.
Can I send in a photo of my student ID card?

Best regards,
Jarne Godow

Hello @Jarne_Godow, the EDU Standard plan no longer exists unfortunately. In case you’d like to purchase an EDU Plus license you can send us a copy of your valid student ID (just upload the photo here). If you need further assistance feel free to reach out to us, we’ll be happy to help.

hi my friend, i cant create free account like pro and plus in education forms?
when the site send to me after i add my email university and the other details, the page cant load for creating the password.
if you can help me please answer my problem.
thank you

Hello @Atefeh_Mt, we do not offer free EDU licenses currently. I apologize for any inconvenience. You can either create a free Basic license or purchase a discounted EDU Plus plan for 84 USD/year. If you need further assistance with this feel free to reach out to us, we’ll be happy to help.

thanks for your response Due to the conditions of our country (Iran) I am not able to buy in dollars and have trouble submitting online because the basic account is for online only.

Hello @Atefeh_Mt, if you sign up for a Prezi Next Standard plan (same price as EDU Plus) you do not need an .edu email address and we can manually change the license for you to EDU. Regarding the payment, if you try to upgrade your license we’ll be happy to look into any issues in case the transaction does not go through.

will the free EDU version be available again one onday, or is it shut down totaly?
I would like to upgrade but as you said it´s unavailable at the moment.

Hello @Thies_Lelke, for now the free educational license is not available, but if anything changes we will let you know :slight_smile:

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