Free Upgrade from referral?

I began a prezi account about a week and a half ago. I have referred three friends, they have logged on and joined prezi. I still have not received a free prezi upgrade. Please tell me why I have not received a free upgrade for my account? 

I need my free upgrade so I can upload a video with higher mb for a group presentation tomorrow morning. I need a free upgrade please, I have made the referrals and now I am waiting for the upgrade. Please upgrade my account as soon as possible. Thank you. 

Hi Devin:

In most case, confirmation mail is behind your email’s spam filtering. Please make sure it’s setting. 

Here comes the guide for referrals, hope it helps:


Thanks Gina for sharing.
I also like to add some more information. 

Your friends should click on the referral link you provide in order to count in the system.Someone clicking on your referral link does not constitute a successful recommendation. That person is required to create a Prezi account before Prezi can credit you with a successful referral. For more information:

With our referrals system, you can get three free months as an Enjoy license holder for free if you successfully refer three people. 
To start referring people, use the links provided on your referrals page. 

Enjoy accounts come with all of the core features of the prezi online editor. 

  • 500MB of space to store your prezis
  • capacity to make your prezis (and the information contained within them) private. 
  • If you want to upload a custom logo to use instead of Prezi’s. 

Guide to prezi accounts:

I hope that this clarify your question.
Warm regards and happy zooming,

Free Upgrade from 3 referrals, account setups?

The reply links on this page, report error;  {“error”:“Couldn’t authenticate you”} 

Can you please provide an updated and working link on how to take advantage of this offer? 

Thanks so much in advance, 

Francine Hunter 

Hi Lana, 

Thank you for the reply.   Can you suggest any other free offer or promotion to use the paid platforms for evaluating load and play speeds and features? 

Thanks in advance,