Freely jumping to topics within a presentation

I thought I might a book on Prezi and have it with active updates as I add chapters.

But it got me wondering do people who have access luck always have to start at the beginning or can they jump to the latest chapter/topic?


Hi @Jane_Slack-Smith

The viewers can click on a topic cover to jump to a certain topic or use the slider from underneath the presentation to jump to the point where they have last left off.

Alternatively, you can add a custom starting point to the latest chapter, which means that whenever someone opens the presentation, it will jump to that point to mark that it is the latest one; however, this might confuse first-time viewers.

Hope this information was helpful!

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Perfect!!! Thankyou

Out of interest have you any examples of knowledge of anyone using it to write a book?

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Glad that I could help!
Currently, I do not have knowledge of anyone else using the platform to write a book :slight_smile: