Full screen mode on Mobile

On mobile, the prezi presentation does not open up on full screen mode unless full screen button is clicked. Is there a way that it automatically opens up on full screen mode on mobile like it does on desktop mode.
Secondly, I see some ads on mobile mode which I does not see on desktop? any one knows how to remove ads?


Hi @Hussain_Ali, I’m going to check further regarding the full screen mode, could you meanwhile tell me what kind of ads do you see on the mobile mode?
Could you tell me if it’s on an iOS or an Android device?
Do you access the presentations with the Prezi Viewer application installed or in a mobile browser?

Actually i am checking it on iPhone and I do not have prezi mobil app installed. I had tried it earlier that if the app is installed and if you click the link of presentation, it will open up using the prezi and full screen is possible. However, as I intend to share my presentation link with clients who do not have prezi installed, I want to find possibility of full screen automatically upon clicking the link.

Hi @Hussain_Ali, please note that opening presentations on a mobile browser are currently not giving the full feature set of the Prezi Viewer application. I’ll forward your feedback to our developers.

Thanks. Is there any possibility/ alternate way to do a forced full screen on mobile upon clicking the presentation link.

Secondly, is it possible to apply a password on the link so only ppl with passwords can open it.

Hi @Hussain_Ali, it is currently not possible to force full screen on a mobile upon clicking the presentation link.
The password protection is also not possible at the moment, I’m afraid. I’ll forward your feedback to our product team.

Hi, Bart, is it possible to see full screen presentation on a PC? I share the presentations on my own website

Hi @Kosteltsev_Yuriy, how do you mean that exactly?
Once you loaded the presentation you can click on the full screen button in the bottom right corner so the presentation is played in full screen.

Actually, no. http://www.mineproff.com/data/articleView/123 - here I use Prezi on my web site and there is now full-screen button