Full screen not working (macOS 11.0 Big Sur)


Full screen is not filling the screen anymore. The presentation looks like a window but is in fact in full screen mode (the two arrows in the lower right corner point inwards). Not sure if this is since I run the beta of macOS. It worked fine a week or two before when I still was on Catalina.

Anyone encountering the same problem? Is there a way to fix this? My current workaround is to show the presentation in a browser and switch that to full screen.

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Hello @Philipp_Buchel, does this happen when you’re presenting through the app or browser? Could you please send us a screenshot on how do you see the presentation?

Hope to hear from you soon!

Hello Catarina, thanks for getting back to me quickly. Here’s a screenshot of how it looks. I made a mousover so you can see the controls.It happens when I present through the app.

Thanks a lot @Philipp_Buchel, if you drag the cursor to the corners you’re not able to expand the window further?

Hope to hear from you soon!

Thanks for your suggestion, @Catarina. I’m not able to resize the window in any direction (the cursor changes to its resize shape, though). The window truly seems to think it’s fullscreen already :slight_smile:

Hello @Philipp_Buchel, thanks for the reply, we have reported this to our developers and we’ll get back to you once we have more information about this!

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Same trouble! is there any solution yet?

Hello @Gustavo_Rymberg, the fix for this will come in the next release in a few days, we’ll let you know when it’s out :slight_smile:

I have the new M1 macbook pro, I can’t edit the presentations either. Running Big Sur. Same issues as described above, can’t go fullscreen while presenting as well.

Hello @Carl_Young, thanks for the feedback, did you check my reply above?

Thank you Catarina!


Yes, I was just adding that editing the presentations seems to be glitching as well. I didn’t notified editing with Big Sur to be an issue on my intel based Mac running Big Sur, only with the new silicon based Mac. It seems to let you edit intermittently.

@Carl_Young these editor issues happen when using the browser or the desktop application?

Hope to hear from you soon!

Prezi next app.

Thanks @Carl_Young, hopefully the fix will also address that issue, let’s track the results when it’s out!