Fullscreen endless automated Prezi show

I would like to have a Prezi-show that runs on a PC without internet and without the need of clicking. It should be fullscreen and automated like a automate Powerpoint show.

Hi VB,

yes you could use a portable Prezi for that http://prezi.com/learn/portable-prezi/

and once loaded use the fullscreen / autoplayer function http://prezi.com/learn/auto-play-prezi/ (there are currently 3 timimgs available within Prezi) and away you go.

You can actually (in a portable) change the XML file which comes with it to change the timing - look for:

" autoplay "
" delay 4000 /delay " (no speech marks)
" /autoplay "

Change 4000 to what you want (1000 = 1 second) - then use the 4 second delay on autoplay for your chosen delay (8000 = 8 secs)

Hope this helps



Great, Thank you!