Fullscreen issues on Macbook Pro with Retina Display

When I try to enter full screen mode for a presentation on my MacBook Pro with Retina Display, OSX 10.8, there is a message saying the presentation is in full screen mode permanently in top right corner of screen. This happens in both Chrome and Safari.

I have to give a presentation at a user group tomorrow, and this really sucks.


Same problem here… :frowning:
Don’t know how to avoid this issue.

Any idea is welcome!


Please try updating the Adobe Flash Player.

Kind regards,


Hello Hanna,

Thank you for helping! My Flash Player seems uptodate, that’s what Adobe website is telling me…

I found a solution by using the Prezi Deskop application. Like this, I can present fullscreen without problem.




if you download Prezi Desktop and go fullscreen it wont be there.
Catch is you got to buy the service of having it on desktop

But otherwise VOLA