General Use Issues

Hi all, I’m having some issues using prezi. I cancelled my membership before the free trial was up because the website is extremely difficult to use. Do you all have any answers for these issues?

  1. I would like to search other people’s prezis by user name.
  2. When logged into my own account, why can’t I search other presentations? Must I log out before I can access the search bar? Also, why must I google search the prezi search in order to access the presentation search function?

This is seriously the most unorganized website I have ever seen where it costs so much to deal with basic issues. It’s as if the people who built the website don’t use it. What the heck is going on here?

Anybody home?

Hello @Brad_Breeden, currently there’s no way to search for other people’s presentations based on their username.

Just to be clear, are you interested in finding other presentations based on the creator’s names, or to find presentations from your dashboard? Can you explain your request a bit more in detail? It’s necessary so we can channel it to our development team properly.

Looking forward to your reply :slightly_smiling_face: