Get Trial after setting up free account


Hi I would like to try the trial, however I have already made an account and the option is no longer visible. I see that last April some one had a similar question but the button that he sees is not the same. This is what I see:

It says unlock feature instead of go premium and after selecting a plan, it wants to bill me instantly. How can I receive my trial? Thank you.


Hi @Cherrie_Chiao, we experiment with changing the user interface so this particular button was renamed since April but its function remained the same and you have to use it to upgrade to a paying license.

When you upgrade from a non-paying license, you get a 7-day trial before actually being charged and 14 days when you sign up with a new account for a yearly license.

However, I’m afraid this automation does not work in case of EDU licenses. if you would like to trial the Edu Plus license, I’m happy to set a trial for you but if you’d like to explore any other license type, I’d recommend you to start a brand new account with a different email address.