Getting a Non YouTube Video to Play Automatically

Hi I have two original videos in my Prezi that I’d like to just play automatically when zooming to that slide. If it can’t play automatically, I’d at least like for it to play on the page without it automatically going into full-screen mode. Any ideas on how to make this happen?

Hello @Irene_Atkins, currently it is only possible to play videos in full screen mode in Prezi, and you need to click to navigate through the presentation/start the videos. In case you’d like to autoplay the entire presentation, please consult this article tutorial.

Hi Sara, is it at least possible to have the video thumbnail image show? It displays as just a black video with a play button. At least a preview of what the video looks like would be helpful so the viewer would want to click on it.

Hello @Irene_Atkins, it is not possible to modify the thumbnail of videos unfortunately. I apologize for any inconvenience and will forward your request to our developers.

Hi @Sara (and @Irene_Atkins)

I would also like to advocate for the ability to either use a custom thumbail for videos, or at very least, at least have Prezi pull the first frame of the video as a thumbnail so that it can be integrated more subtly into the presentation.

I create professional presentations using a variety of platforms (Prezi and PowerPoint being the most common) with a lot of custom motion graphics built in. I get several clients a MONTH wanting a Prezi, but end up going with a PowerPoint (or other platform) for the sole reason of “the big ugly play button on all my videos.” Prezi Classic used to use the first frame as an auto-generated thumbnail. This allowed for hidden and/or seemless integration of motion graphics into a Prezi. The result was smooth and professional, perhpa no better exhibited by Bono on the TED stage (compare the presentation how it used to look in the video: vs how the Prezi now looks with the integration of the play button It’s night and day.

Anyway, that “ugly play button” is the single most common reason my clients do not go with Prezi and revert back to PPT where videos can be inserted subtly and stylistically. I have to imagine that if you extrapolate my anecdotal experiences, that is a huge clientele base that is veering away from the otherwise great platform that is Prezi Next.

I know you guys regularly forward request to developers and I hope you will do so again with my request. But I would also love the opportunity to be part of a Prezi Next Power User Focus group that could help give suggestions for making this awesome platform even more awesome. Not sure if this currently exists or could be out on the radar of Prezi?

Ryan (the Presentation Geek)

Hello @Presentation_Geeks, thank you for your feedback and suggestions. I will make sure the responsible team receives your comments. Regarding the focus group you mentioned, we do not currently have a group like that, but I will pass on your request to our product team.

Dear Community,
is there any way to autostart a video (in full screen mode) right upon selecting the respective slide, all without clicking onto the “play” button?

Ideal Scenario - starting from overview slide - clicking topic tile - MAGIC - video plays full screen, begin to end - MAGIC -back on overview slide…

Any thoughts / suggestions / tricks on this form the community?

Thank you and kind regards

Hello @Andy, welcome to the community :wave: I merged your post to the relevant thread.
I’m afraid autoplay for any video is not possible, you have to click once to start the video.