'Getting Started' video animations


In the getting started video: https://prezi.com/p/9twdzp-qnq58/ there are animations that I can’t figure out how to replicate in my own Prezi’s. For example, at the beginning, the different topics keep highlighting in a circle until you click on one of them. Another example is after you zoom into one of the subtopics, a moving arrow points to how you zoom out.

How do we create these animations on our own?



Those animations were inserted after the presentation was created to make some points in the editing process more clear.

I apologize for any confusion!


Why show animations capabilities that aren’t available in your current software? This is very misleading since I too thought I could also recreate these same effects. You should consider getting rid of the animated circles or maybe add these types of animation capabilities in your next update.


What did you use on prezi to get flashing circles such as we can see in Get Started prezi? Is it some feature only available for Premium members? I don’t see this listed in comparison of pricing plans. When I copy and paste the flashing circle in my prezi it doesn’t flash anymore.

Thanks for all the replies


@vesmarijan those elements were not created with Prezi, but were inserted later as educational elements of the Get Started video. I apologize if it was misleading!


Is it a gif type of file? Because I’ve tried to select the transparent image bellow the circle (planet) subtopic frame, but to no avail. Can you help me how do I insert the same effect/gif into my prezi (on plus plan)?


@vesmarijan these were inserted later to the code as external elements providing a smooth and visual onboarding experience, and can’t be reproduced within Prezi, I’m afraid.