Gifting subscriptions

A great idea would be to allow “gifting” Prezi subscriptions, as in paying for it yourself but signing up for someone else, like this:

  1. The gifter enters the email address of the recipient and his/her name and credit card info, and a personal message.
  2. When the transaction is approved, an e-mail is sent to the recipient saying that the person gifted them a subscription and a link to setting up the account.
  3. The recipient then sets up his/her account, including name and password, using the link provided.

Seems like this topic got largely unnoticed due to the spam topics. Any response on this?

I posted this 7 months ago and still haven’t received a response. Hello???

Thanks for the post. As you know we can’t make it back to every thread on our GetSat forum, but we try.
I like your idea and I guess it could be done already, by creating an account for someone, paying for it, and having them reset the password. This might not be the best solution right now, but it’s something. If it would be done your way, we’d have to find a way so that the recurring payment was still controlled by the original person buying the account.

I’ll mark it down and bring it up to the team though.