Global text search in my presentations


I have spent one hour to find a slide across my 20+ prezi’s and I have more 30+ to go through. I know I have that one slide which I want to use today. I would request you to build a search capability that enables us to find relevant text across all the prezi’s that we have in our account.

This feature will save so much time that otherwise being wasted on searching.

Thank you very much.

Hello @Ashutosh_Rathi, currently we do not have a feature like this.

As a workaround, I would recommend adding slides that you might need later again to your library so you will be able to find them more quickly. Here is an article that describes how to do this. Another suggestion that might make the search a bit faster is searching in your presentations with Cmd or Ctrl + F for keywords that you know you used.

I will forward this as feedback to our developer team, thanks for taking the time to share this.

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