Go back and forth between elements

Hi there!
I’d like to go from a topic to a subtopic and then back to the oversight before I move on to the next subtopic.
I’ve seen that in Prezi Classic and have just now learned that Next and Classic are two different things and that it is impossible to move a presentation from Next to Classic.
But is there a way in NEXT to do it?
Thanks for any hint!

You can’t do it exactly the way you’ve described, but there are a lot of good suggestions in other threads for techniques on using “fake” subtopics that might help. I’ll see if I can find one & link it here shortly-

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@Lars_Mandelkow I asked a similar question here: Topic to Subtopic to Topic to Subtopic

And here’s a good one about the fake subtopics: Adding "fake" topics and subtopics to spice up the default animations

Hopefully that helps!

Thank you! I’ll check that!!!