GoToWebinar and Prezi - Can they play nice together?

Trying to use Prezi for our webinars. Our webinar platform is GoToWebinar. Here is the issue. We start GoToWebinar and share our screen. We do this in the GTW control panel. We then launch the Prezi full screen. Immediately, Prezi fills the screen and the GTW control panel disappears. This control panel should ALWAYS float on top. It does exactly this with PowerPoint. Now, if I try to click on where the control panel was last seen, Prezi immediately disappears. The browser it was in is minimized. Gone! So. The real issue is that we need access to the GTW control panel so that we can communicate with our audience and our panelists in real-time. I can reproduce this in a single screen mode or in multi-screen mode. Help. How do I use both tools at the same time?

Okay - I just figured out a workaround of sorts, so I’m sharing it if anybody else is interested.

If I physically download the Prezi (using the “Download” button), I can launch the downloaded version full-screen and use GoToWebinar at the same time without issue. It’s not ideal but at least it appears it might be a short-term solution. Of course, since my client is providing me their Prezi, which they authored using their own Prezi account rather than my account, I have to physically “Make a Copy” of their Prezi into my account before I can download it. If I did not have a Prezi account, then I’d still be in trouble. I would not be able to display their Prezi full screen and use GoToWebinar at the same time.

Of interest, when I submitted a trouble ticket to Prezi I was told by them that they use the same workaround I just shared above. 

Hope that helps anyone reading this.