Great Import/Export Features

It’s great that you can import so much content. And even export your presentation! Just a small thing is missing to make it perfect: It should also be possible to embed content like YouTube videos or Flickr images or Scribd documents or Slide Share presentations. I know that this is not that easy to do with Flex, but maybe you’ve got an idea.

Thanks Llama!

i can tell you secretly that your wishes might become true very soon :wink:

Two years on, I can see YouTube is possible. But what about Flickr? I’d love to have a Flickr option on the import that adds the image and title and credit, plus link back to source. Any plans?

We have a Flickr option for Inserting images, and you can choose to show only the licensed for commercial use, which is recommended.

For more information:

Cool, although that page makes no mention of Flickr. Are Flickr images just available through the Google image search? Ah, hold on, I’ve just watched the video and can see it’s mentioned there, but only available to Pro users.

Since posting this I have started working with Europeana, Europe’s digital library, with over 33 million clearly licensed objects from thousands of museums, libraries, galleries and archives. Would you be interested in exploring an option to include Europeana sourced images for users to add?

Thanks, James

PS I used Prezi to do my interview presentation, which hopefully helped me to get the job!

Hi James, 

Thanks for feedback!
Flickr is available only for Pro users unfortunately.
Currently, we are not looking for other digital libraries but I appreciate the suggestion and I will pass your comment and to our team.