Great Tool

I’m working with your zooming presentation tool since almost 2 years and I’m very impressed! As a Web programmer, I noticed you developed so much new stuff at a brisk pace. I am a teacher in computer technology and I already addicted many other teachers and students to Prezi :slight_smile:

I’m so excited about your product that I made it my principal subject of a university essay. As you can see with my English writing, I’m a French person and I’m trying to publicize Prezi to French persons. I made a blog to let people be challenged to try your famous tool:

Thanks for this Eight Wonders of the World!


great tool indeed! same here: most of the time peolple ask about this tool as soon as they see it in action!

Dear nrochette and italo profeti,

we are pleased that you are satisfied with Prezi.

We love it too!

Happy Zooming