Greek symbols

Hi guys, I’d love to be able to use prezi, but the lack of support for Greek symbols and equation tools is making it really difficult.  As a starting point, it would be brilliant to be able to copy-paste Greek characters from Word.


Hi Ben,

Unfortunately, Prezi does not officially support Greek language.
You can simply copy paste the characters from google doc and it should work, I have just tested it.
In case in does not work it must be due to system requirements that has, like flash update and firewall settings.

For more information, click here.


Actually, Prezi USED to be able to paste in Greek letters.  I did it all the time with my Bible lectures, and some of my old Prezi’s still have the Greek text in them, and I can still manipulate them.  But I’ve tried absolutely everything to make CURRENT new Prezi’s paste in Greek, to no avail.  I would LOVE it if you would bring this feature back.  Please!  

Wait, Nicki, I just re-read your post (a little more carefully) and you claim that you are able to able to paste into Prezi the Greek characters from Google Docs?  I have 4 computer systems I have tried that from, and none of them work.  Do you have any idea why?

Hi Neil,

I just tried it out, and though it is not officially supported, it works!
1. Open a google docs
2. Write what you want/need
3. Copy Ctrl+C or Cmd+C
4. Pastein Prezi Ctrl+V or Cmd+V

In case it doesn’t work, try checking our system requirements to run smoothly.

Hope it works for you :).

Hi, I’am late in that topic but do you think that It Will be possible to make mathematics présentations with Prezi ? I mean with mathematics symbols such as fractions, intégrals …



Prezi still support Greek letters and a lot more symbols. You just have to use the right font.

For example, if you want to write greek letters just go to FONTS> MORE FONTS and at the box “ALL SCRIPTS” choose your preferance, in my case Greek.
You will find a list with fonts that support the language of your coice. Then just choose the correct font that maches your style from the FONT dropdown list.

I hope I help you cause PREZI makes realy cool presentations.