Grouping Objects

It would be great to be able to group objects such as a headline and a frame so that when you click on one element, you zoom to a level that allows you to view them all. It is not very intuitive to have to click on a frame for certain views.

As a workaround, I have found that using blank spaces and lines before and after a word can create a larger, invisible text box that sets the zoom view to its proportions.

Hi Steven,

we are working on smart grouping, and this will be possible.

a little extra what you can do now: if you have a frame around your texts, simply click on the background within the frame, and prezi zooms you to the frame. This only works for zoom out for the moment.


Please!!! It would be great! and become more productive prezi users

After a few hours with this superb app, group/ungroup is my number 1 need. For zooming, replicating, moving, scaling etc etc. When do you think this will be available?

Richard. Actually what your asking aboutcan more-or-less already be accomplished. Prezi allows you (using the Place menu) to select a group of objects by holding down your shift key and then clicking and dragging over the objects you want to manipulate. It’s only a temporary grouping, but while highlighted you can group scale, move and even duplicate (using CTRL+C followed by CTRL+V).

Hello Greg. Yep - I have used this a fair deal already but I don’t think it is any substitute for a sticky grouping. It is inevitable that one will accrue collections of related objects throughout a presentation and to have to re-select all constituents just to re-arrange is onerous, especially when there are many small, hard-to-select objects. A ctrl-G- (group) /ctrl-U- (ungroup) -like facility would be invaluable!

Oh. Ok. Wasn’t sure that you knew. I agree with your points though and would like to see a solution for selecting and grouping objects for both editing and presentation purposes.

Hi Both - we are hoping to be able to solve this without keyboard shortcuts - in our experience most users won’t really want to learn shortcuts.

A simple method would be to use frames for grouping.
What do you think of this idea?

Adam, I don’t think using frames for grouping would solve all of Richard’s concerns. Sometimes people group things that are not right next to each other. Often it’s using a keyboard and mouse combinations like CTRL-Click to select all objects you want to group, follow by CTRL-G to group them.

I agree that many users would not welcome keyboard shortcuts as the only method of accomplishing a task (such as grouping) but don’t short advanced users like myself of the pleasure of avoiding a point-n-click menu system. If it’s faster to use keys, a pro will use it.

If using frames for grouping would get the functionality out sooner, I’m all for it! But I agree with Greg that it wouldn’t solve all the problems, unless you can make the frame invisible!

I totally agree with Richard, and frankly speaking I’m puzzled that 9 months after such a key feature is still missing…

The industry has clearly shown that keyboard shortcuts work. Every application, whether it is on Windows, Mac or Unix has keyboard shortcuts. The number of common keyboard shortcuts between programs clearly prove that they are commonly used. Many of these are used regularly by common users. I can list them without naming them and I bet that most would know what they are.

  • CTRL-G
  • CTRL-A

Is there an update as to where grouping stands? I’m wondering this myself and is a factor in how I prepare some of my Prezi’s moving forward, whether I need to create my groupings in another app and then import as an image, with the items then in one group.

Only just started using prezi and already I want to know about this feature, it looks like it has been on the ‘todo’ list for at least a year

Permanent grouping of elements is my main gripe with the current product. I say this as an education pro user. It drives me batty, and seems like an easy fix, no?…

Cool… i ́ll give it a truy!
thanks!!! :slight_smile:

I cant use the above link and would still be interested in a grouping option for objects. Any updates?