Having difficulty uploading a video error message: Technical details: id: 2110 the reason is: Event [Event type="stateChange" bubbles=false cancelable=false eventPhase=2]

Any suggestions? I am trying to upload a mp4 file.

Hi Hilary,

Try uploading it in an FLV format. That usually works.

Hope this helps!

Getting lots of errors today. Here’s one when I try to load the presentation (after being kicked out while trying to insert a sound file):

Technical details:
id: 2110 the reason is: Event [Event type=“stateChange” bubbles=false cancelable=false eventPhase=2]


Yes, all my sounds files are in FLV format.

Also, the colors are flipping out. I select the presentation, and then before it even starts playing it starts popping error boxes while the background is flashing different colors.

This is happening site-wide: I thought I’d check out some other Prezis while I waited for this to be fixed, but almost all of them are starting off with a “Could not load your media file” type error.

Having the same problem…and my files are aslo in the flv format. Even my logos are not showing up. If this means I have to start from scratch, this is not a fortuitous start to my “trial” of Prezi…