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Hi. Love the new Prezi Design and Video additions to the Prezi suite. Thanks for the upgrades. The only issue is when sharing a Prezi Design link with others, that the Prezi branded header and footer is still very visible on preview. Other than in full page mode, is there a way to remove this when sharing a link? This can be quite a distraction and confusing (particularly if the presentation colours are similar to the Prezi brand). If i’m sharing a link with a client, the first thing they see is the Prezi brand before our own, which isn’t ideal. This has caused some confusion and a reluctance for me to share files with clients in the future. A solution could be for the shared link to open automatically in full page preview, with the escape key used to revert back to the prezi branded view if required? Thanks, Lee.


Glad to hear that you find Prezi Design and Prezi Video useful!
Thanks for your feeedback regarding the Prezi branding - will pass it to our developers! Currently, I can only suggest to upgrade to Prezi Premium which will remove the default Prezi logo from your projects.

Please, let me know if you have any additional feedback or suggestions!

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Hi Andrejs,
I already have the premium licence and unfortunately the header and footer still remains.

Could you, please, send a link to one such project here where the header and footer is displayed? Will investigate!

Hi. I enclosed 2 screengrabs that help to articulate the issue. The prezi headers and footers appear as default within the shared link browser. Only by opting to click on the ‘Full Page Preview’ can you eliminate this.

When sending shared links to clients, the first thing they see is the prezi banner (logo, Log In and Get Started button), followed by the content. In the footer, presentation title, details of the author and ‘Create your own’ button. This content is a distraction from the main content and it feels unprofessional to then give client’s instructions to click on ‘full page preview’ to remove this. Can your Prezi development team change this, so that all shared links open automatically in full page mode, (by default) therefore eliminating the additional prezi branding from view. Instead, hit the ‘escape key’ to take you back into this view, but not to offer this as the default view.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Hi Lee,

Thanks for sharing the screenshots! Yes, the Prezi logo, login button, etc. are only visible when viewing the projects on the web via the sharable link, thay are not actually a part of your project. This is the project-view page design. However, I understand your concerns and what I can suggest is exporting your projects as PDF (or JPG, PNG images) and share the downloaded file with your clients instead. These will have no trace of Prezi branding.
Here’s a tutorial on downloading your projects: https://support.prezi.com/hc/en-us/articles/360044742314-Downloading-your-design-in-Prezi-Design
When sharing the file by email, for example, you can also add the link to the project as a secondary source, especially, if there are some interactive features that your clients would need to see for additional information (like interactive maps and charts, hover-over callouts or tooltips).
Prezi Desing is a new tool, which means that we’re currently working to add many new features in the near future and one of them will be the option to embed your projects on your website or blog. When embedded, your Designs will have Prezi branding. Stay tuned!

Thanks for the reply and the suggestion to download the static file types. Doing this will loose the interactivity that led me to Prezi design in the first instance. I hope this is something that can be addressed in the future as i’m sure it will be a common topic for discussion.

Thanks, will pass your feedback to our product team!

Hi, I would like to embed prezi designs without prezi logo and banner, too. I only recently discovered designs and I’m very happy with the features it offers. However without a proper sharing/embeding option it is of limited use. So I fully support Lee’s suggestion.

Hi @Heiner_Junker!
Thanks for your feedback! We also agree and are currently working to implement the embed option to Prezi Design in the near future!

I second the request for removing headers and footers from Prezi Designs or downsize them. I wanted to share a dashboard I created in our company TV system but this is not possible because of how much space is taken by the header and footer.
Exporting the project is not viable as this is too cumbersome due to the high frequency of updating we plan for this.

Hi, @Diogo_Klein! Thanks for your feedback - will pass it to our product team and see if we can make the necessary adjustments in future updates!

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Hi is there any timeline for this please? We also need it urgently as we embed prezi content in our LMS system and don’t want to confuse users with the headers and footers

Hi @Don_Budge!
Prezi Design embeds are now available! You’ll find the embed code in the project’s web view (share link). Here’s also a tutorial on Embedding Prezi Design.

Thanks @Ketija_Riteniece. I was able to do a set of this in my Squarespace website but it doesn’t seem to work with Talent LMS. I have asked their support for help but any ideas from your side?

@Don_Budge some web page content management systems don’t allow using certain scripts - either they are not supported or they get corrupted (stripped of some parts of the code, breaking the embed code). Hence, I can only suggest double-checking if the pasted embed code is in fact exactly the same as inside Prezi and if yes - getting in touch with the page admins/support to ask if they can suggest another way of using the embed code inside the page.

Hi, I’ve got it working thanks to some help from Talent LMS. Am I correct in believing that although you need the design to be public to get the embed code, if you then make it private (we don’t want the content published outside of our education tools) then it will continue to work?

Tests I have done so far seem to show it still working with the global view turned back to private link?

Hi @Don_Budge,

If you embed a public Design project and then change it to be private, it would still be “working” only from your end. If you log out of Prezi or view the page where the project is embedded from an incognito/private browser, the page would display the embed as “Not found”.

Ug - i just paid $180 for the year to get this going… to remove branding… and i get this header issue too when i share the link. That’s really annoying. I want to brand the presentation for my company! Not for prezi.

Hello, Ben! The option to remove the Prezi watermark is available for users with a Plus or higher Prezi plan, while watermark customization is available starting with the Premium plan: https://prezi.com/pricing